Sunday, August 16, 2009

old school film photography

These 35mm black and white photos were taken a long time ago when I was taking a photography class. They are film photographs, developed and printed by me in the darkroom. Many of these photos were already matted, so some light peeked through while scanning, making them look a little blurry.

Photos top to bottom:
shore road in winter
man on the sidewalk
old Italian people
lunch break
needlecraft hands
my friend Carol
kids at a street fair
city kids in the playground
the Brookyn Army base


  1. interesting studies, barbara :)

  2. I like black and white photos. Don't you love pulling out things like these and examining how your focus has changed or remained the same over time?

  3. Hi Barbara...! I am delighted to meet you!!! Thanks so much for stopping by.

  4. I love these, Barbara! Looks like you have a knack for capturing Human Nature:) All of the people photos and the Artful Hands are just Wonderful and so full of Expression!!! Have you framed these? I think they'd be great in an Exhibition... just my opinion :)

  5. Oh! Durpty-durr! I see they ARE matted :)

  6. barbara, these are totally fabulous. i love how you've captured the essence of each one. i especially love the people shots. i agree they'd be a great show.

    i'd love to see more, anytime.


  7. Barbara, I love these photos! thanks for showing them!

  8. Old photos are always great. I especially liked the kids. And the legs on the bench. And the hands and...

  9. I have always enjoyed the photographers take on the human face and form. That singular moment of realism captured. Yours did not disappoint Barbara.

  10. Thank you all for your generous comments!

  11. I love B/W photos and at one stage (I mean when I was a lot younger, hahaha), I learn photography (the 35mm one) which included developing my own B/W prints. I wonder if I still remember how to do it?!! Anyway, I enjoyed your pix, especially the old couple and the two pairs of feet. I kept staring at the man's sock. :) Thank you for sharing.

  12. I love the last three photos a lot.
    They are timeless shot, special meaning now pop into my heart and say friendship, sun, path.....just great feeling!
    Thanks Barbara:)

  13. I am a great fan of B&W and sepia, so I was particularly drawn to those shots in this blog. I never thought of doing something like your interesting combination of photos showing the couple. That gives me some ideas!

  14. Hello. Thank you for visiting my blog. Your photograph seems to be wrapped in a warm heart all.

  15. wonderful, moving, evocative and inspiring. love these.

  16. Did you take these? Absolutely wonderful and SO VERY nostalgic.

  17. it is something special with this kind of photography. I like it.
    Thanks for the kind words when you visited my blog. :)


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