Monday, May 6, 2013

Welcome May and my birthday

In a few more minutes my May 6th 2013 birthday will be over.  It was mostly a quiet day, though I got phone calls from my family, and birthday wishes online, and a yummy cake from my friend, Evie, which we ate too much of.  Melissa made a video of Logan singing me Happy Birthday, and that was the most precious gift I could get.  At the end, he whispers "I love you."  And the look in his eyes makes my heart melt.

So, I am 59 now.  It boggles my brain.  I just don't remember getting to this age.  The time went so quickly, and now I am at the end of my fifties.  Geesh.

Welcome to May.  I hope it continues to be a cool month, as it has been of late.  It's our last chance for really decent weather before the summer descends.


  1. Happy birthday. I turned sixty in March so I can relate. LOL How did it get here so fast?

  2. I am in the middle of my fifties. Glad to hear you had a great birthday, Barbara! We met a New Yorker travelling on the ferry last night when we were coming home to the island. She had the New York accent and said she is having the time of her life here in BC. Good to hear. My hubby was chatting with her about the metrics of temperatures and how we used to have Fairenheit. While I went to look at the dolphins that the captain had announced to go look at them.


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