Thursday, May 30, 2013

a good day

Spent the afternoon over at my niece, Melissa's place, along with my sister.  We sat in the yard, which was so pleasant, with a tree to shade us.  Logan amazed me with his wit and wonder.  He is fussy when it comes to dirt, like his mother.  He tripped on the ground and got dirt on his hands... "oh oh" he said, and proceeded to wipe it off as much as he could.  Surprised he didn't ask for a napkin as he usually does.  He is 3 and a  half now, and just blows me away.  When I tell him I need a hug and a kiss, he'll comply and kiss me, then put his arms around me as much as he can.  I'll say "I love you."  and he'll reply, "I love you, too."  He just makes me feel so good inside.

Here's a couple of pics from today.. Logan wanted me to take a picture of his Ironman, so I complied.

Logan and Melissa


Tree and Logan


  1. As usual my ipad freezes when I visit your blog and sometimes it disappears from screen with the computer. I keep trying to get here. Logan is certainly growing up fast. He is such a cute boy. I loved the short video of him riding the mechanical horse awhile back.

  2. Somewhere between Logan's approach and my kids complete disregard for mud would be ideal I think!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


  3. Hello, Barbara/myth maker.

      Lovely your works, full of joy.

      Thank you World-wide LOVE, and your Support.

      The prayer for all peace.
      I wish You all the best.

    Have a good weekend. From Japan, ruma❃

  4. logan is a doll! i have a logan in my little guy family too :^)

    did you see the video of the 4 year old on the Ellen show singing "When I was Your Man"? it is precious beyond belief. check it out on utube, barbara, it will warm your heart.

    i'm glad you get to play with children. i think that is an awesome way to spend time



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