Tuesday, March 19, 2013

any suggestions, folks?

Well, we have reached 300 in the 365 free-draw/free-write extravaganza.  Once again I come to you, dear reader, for suggestions on how to proceed.  Do you have any subjects for free draws or free writes for us?  What would you like to read/see that you haven't read/seen already on these pages.  It is so hard for us to come up with new stuff.  Sometimes we are trying to write on the subjects that originally come to mind as "draws"... like we did with altars.  Cool when a subject presents itself that way.
But whatever suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Pottery, spurs, birdbath, fence, tumbleweed, orb, theatre, mirror, shadow, arrow, hole, lips, pencil, paper, plum, block, grid, pipe, hook, pinecone, incense, canvas, glass, rowboat, corbel, bucket, bench, seedpod, starfish, mermaid...hope this helps.

  2. sorry, can´t help you there.

  3. You used to photograph the sun/skyline frequently. I'd love to see you draw the daily sun.


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