Monday, March 11, 2013

another legend dies -- RIP Alvin Lee

Yesterday I learned that Alvin Lee died at the age of 68.  So young to be leaving, as always.  Sadly enough, he died from complications following a routine surgical procedure.  I remember rocking in the aisles while watching the Woodstock movie, and listening to "I'm Going Home".  Classic Alvin Lee.  He sure could wail on that guitar. You've got to listen to the whole ten minutes to really appreciate the man's bluesy style.  RIP Alvin Lee, hope you're rockin' upstairs with oh so many others who have passed away.


  1. Very nice tribute to a special artist. Yes! Those were the days, I was rocking along with you.

  2. I have flat worn out my Ten Year's After albums. My favorite line from Rock n Roll Music to the World... "I'll tell the truth, I ain't no star, I only shout and leave the rest to my guitar."

  3. That song on the Woodstock album, one of my favorites, and yeah, he sure could wail on that guitar.


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