Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I want to tell you about an amazing woman. My niece, Melissa. This is Logan's mom. She is 38 on February 1st. Lately she has shown her courage and strength in life to a great degree.

A couple of months ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer.
3 weeks ago she underwent a double mastectomy.
She has had such a good outlook upon everything, that it makes you think twice about yourself, when you get soured because things aren't "going right" for you. She has kept her head up high, and has been persevering through her daily life.  She is a winner, all the way.

On Valentine's day, she begins her chemo-regime. Keep her in your prayers and hearts, if you will.


  1. Wow, what a truly amazing woman, & to thing there's people out there that moan when they get a cold, inspirational, she really is x

  2. Also my sister, 6 years ago underwent a mastectomy. After, chemo and radio cycle, but she is alive and Maybe, one day, she will have a baby. She is now 41 years old.
    Good luck

  3. She is an amazing young lady to have such a positive outlook in life. She may very well be a winner through all this, wishing her all the best in a fabulous recovery.

  4. Yep, she's in my prayers. Hoping for the best . . .

    (Love your blog.)


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