Saturday, April 30, 2011

from on high

,Went up to the roof around sunset to see what I could see. :)  Sunsets taken from my window don't include the view of the harbor, which is so close by, but you can see it from the roof, which is nice.   I took more pics of rooftops, from the roof... the light was blue.  It's the kind of light where you can see fairies out and about, if you are lucky.  Then there's a pic taken from between part of the building..I pumped that one up with some post-processing, but still didn't achieve the gritty look I was after.


  1. Beautiful sunrise photo! I love the silhouette of the tree and the way the clouds light up.

    The second one is quite interesting too, with a quiet blue pallet. Looking at your photos you have a such wide variety of views - are they all from your window or do you specifically go to high places to take photos like these?

  2. I like the second blue one. In sweden we call that time of day "blue hour". It is the time when everything settles down.


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