Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring in Brooklyn

A blossoming tree, and tonight's sunset, sans clouds because it was so windy all day.

(this shot was straight out of the camera, no saturation added.)

click on photos to view decently :)


  1. Thanks for your visit and kind words Barbara.
    Nice captured of sunset and sharing your thoughts.

    Nature is always depends on how we capture that moment and share with our friends.

    From all the sharings, you are very good sky observer Barbara. I love the colours and moods in it. All are unique. as for these two above, I could feel tire walking back home but with this lovely scene of the sunset and the blossom, I instantly feel refresh again!

    As for in Malaysia, we have lots of rain lately during the evening, it could have heavy traffic jam depending on location:)

    Take care and bye!

  2. Beautiful sunset! And I like your new pic of Little Guy too!


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