Tuesday, October 21, 2008

dog day afternoon

I was at my sister's all day, as she thought it might be time to put the dog down, and needed moral support. As it turns out, she didn't do it. It's a very hard decision and a huge responsibility to know when it is really the right time.

I have to go to my mom's place early tomorrow. There's a new aide filling in for someone, and I have to make sure she knows how to transfer my mom... if not, I'll be there the whole day.

Both today and tomorrow I had planned to finish up making some stuff for a sale out in Staten Island on thurday, but that's a bust now.

Lo and behold, the card reader came in the mail. As far as I can tell it just doesn't work. May as well have been lost in the mail after all.

So, what am I doing with this blog where I wanted to show pics of stuff I'm doing as I'm doing it? Geez. I could get some film, but I can't afford to go that route... film, developing, getting a cd made... It all ends up costing more than I can afford, and it certainly isn't a swift method either.

I'm bummed.

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