Tuesday, August 2, 2016

what's been happening

Well, it's August now, so summer is moving on, thank God.  Another couple of months, and blessed Autumn will come in.  None too soon for me.
A couple of days ago, my superintendent came to my apartment saying there was water pouring down into the apartment below me, so apparently it was my problem.  After he left, I discovered that my bedroom air conditioner was leaking badly from the bottom, causing a virtual flood that I never even noticed.  Cleaned it all up, and shut down the a.c., letting the super know I'd solved the problem.
Unfortunately, I have an a.c. that is useless to me now, and it's only 3 years old.  The one in the living room worked for nearly 18 years, before dying this year, the compressor failing to kick in.  I use the a.c.'s mainly because they help me breathe better in the hot and humid weather, and we've been having heat wave after heatwave lately.  Now I am out of luck, unable to afford fixing the newer one, or buying a new one, for that matter.  The bad heatwaves seem to have subsided for the time being, and I just hope I can endure the rest of the summer with the one fan that I have.

Got these things called knitted knockers for free from a site online ( 

They are knitted with a fiberfilling, and meant to be used in lieu of a breast prothesis.  Says they can be worn with any bra.  I threw out all of my bras after I had the double mastectomy, so  last night I sent for an inexpensive one so I can try these things out.  Hope they work; I would like to have some semblence of breasts when I get dressed, and I've yet to get prosthetic forms, which I know can be heavy and uncomfortable. 

Bought some more Ensure Plus today, since I continue to have a numb mouth with an odd taste, and nothing tastes good or right anymore.  No doctors have really addressed this problem, except to say that it might be caused by my calcium deficiency, and since that was corrected when I was in the hospital, it may just be something I have to live with.  Everything has the same sort of salty, yet somewhat indistinguishable taste.  It truly sucks.

Found out today that I've been approved for Access-A-Ride, which makes me very happy.  I can get transportation from my home to anywhere in the 5 boroughs for the same price as a bus trip.  I spend a fortune on car service to get around, so this will save me a lot of money.

My hair is falling out pretty drastically due to the oral chemo meds.  Unsure if I will go completely bald again, or if it will just get really thin.  If bald patches start up, I will probably just shave it all off again.

I haven't been back to the Cancer Center since getting out of the hospital, mainly because I just haven't felt well enough.  I know I have to get myself together and start getting back there again this week, since I need to get those injections that help my bones and my blood.

Been coloring a lot in the Wonderland coloring book.  Will maybe take some pics of stuff soon to show you.


  1. Barb the AC are you running it on high for hours at a time set it to medium and if it has a thermostat set it at about 72 and see if the water issue resolves. Also is it tilted slightly back in the window? The drainage should be running outside the building.

    I truly hope that you never have to fight this shit again once this course is finished. Be Well.

  2. I tried the prosthetic boobs and found them to be sweaty uncomfortable and so never wore them. But I still have mine and you are welcome to them, although they are only a small B cup.

    It takes a lot of strength to go through what you are dealing with. Take gentle care of yourself. Prayers ascending.

  3. yeah my air conditioner in the bedroom did that too, but it needed to be adjusted slightly in the window so it would drain out instead of inside like the walking man says in his comment. Hoping you continue to feel better. :)


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