Thursday, May 7, 2015

61! How'd that happen?

Yesterday was my 61st birthday, oh my.... here I am a real "senior", and I can hardly believe it.  The time sure does fly.
My sister invited me out for drinks and dinner at Skinflints, a bar/eatery that has been in the neighborhood for more years than I can even remember.  We were having drinks (jack daniels on the rocks for me, a very dark black russian for her), and talking, and I mentioned how much I missed Logan.  Not long after that, Melissa and Logan came in and surprised me.  That was great.  I was immediately disappointed that I had not taken my camera, but luckily Melissa had her phone camera and took a couple of shots.
Later, in the evening, I hung out with Evie, and she had a strawberry shortcake for me.  Yum!

the column behind him is a waterfall of sorts

my beautiful niece/godchild, and great-nephew

Logan, me, and my sister, Tree

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