Sunday, September 1, 2013

mammograms and biopsies

Well, I went for the mammo on friday, and it turns out they found calcifications in the right breast, and they set me up for 3 biopsies right then and there.  I wasn't expecting that.  I had a needle aspiration biopsy on the lymph node, which was pretty painful, and Stereotactic breast biopsies at the other 2 sites.
I have to follow up with a surgeon this week.  Keep good thoughts for me, if you will.

Nothing much more to tell.  Mom's still at the nursing home, and hopefully improving.

Logan has taken to using Melissa's cell phone camera from time to time.  She finds pictures of the fan, the tv, the remote, on her cell, and the other day he took a self portrait. 
A few months shy of his 4th birthday, I'd say it's a good time to start getting into photography. :)


  1. Sorry to hear this, though early detection is good. Hugs and positive healing vibes to you. Please keep us posted on the outcome.

  2. I will certainly 'bear' you in mind.....

  3. I just read about you going for the mammogram and was going to come on and tell you to not worry because they're not painful and I just read you'd already been and needed a biopsy. Take a deep breath and till you find out for sure, keep in mind that most of these turn out to be benign. And if it doesn't, then it seems you got your mammo early enough to keep positive. I can't help but think that if you haven't had one till now, somehow your Dad steered you into finally getting one and he's done it early enough to catch anything early. You're in my thoughts and prayers and if there's anything I can do, let me know. Linda

  4. What is it with kids and phone cameras?!

    Hope the medical investigations end up with good news.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  5. Barbara, This has to be so scary. I am sending huge hugs and good thoughts and prayers and love.
    Logan is a doll :-).
    Try not to worry, never does any good. xoxo

  6. I've had those biopsies - yuck yuck yuck but good in the long run. Take care and see what happens.


  7. Hello, Barbara.

     Expression of great moment.
     Fascinating photographing.

    Have a good weekend. From Japan, ruma ❃


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