Monday, August 26, 2013

late sunday night

Just a ramble tonight.  I have no pictures to show, which is always a drag... but I just haven't been carrying my camera with me.
Been visiting mom at the nursing home from time to time.  Got a look at her bedsores, (2, not 1 as I thought) and was horrified by the size and depth of them.  Got me and my sister sick to see that.  I'm afraid for my mom, and how long this might take to heal.  She has lost all her nerve endings, so feels no pain from this.  I don't even know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, really.

Myself, I've got a busy (for me) week ahead.  Need to see a surgeon for a swollen lymph node under my arm, on tuesday.  Wednesday I'm going to get my hair cut, hopefully cutting off the last of the brown, so I can be completely gray/silver/white.  On friday, I'm scheduled for a mammogram, which I've never had, and am not particularly looking forward to.

Well, let me see if I can find any pictures taken by others (i.e. Melissa and her partner, JC)

Melissa and Logan holding hands

Logan and JC about to play soccer

Melissa (waving) running the Percy Sutton 5k yesterday


  1. Barbara, I don 't mean to sound an alarm, but bedsores are never supposed to happen in nursing homes and hospitals. It is a sign of poor care. I hope you are able to alert the administrator of the place that you expect total care in their healing. It is a long process

    Sounds like not the easiest time. I hope your medical appts go smoothly


  2. Oh, Barb...prayers and hugs are with you. My results came back benign..hoping yours does too. It seems that all I do is go to doctors lately...but please check that out, it is serious. Hope your mom feels better, but bed sores are not supposed to happen. I would definitely speak to someone....hugs, Agnes

    1. Actually, mom got these bedsores at home. There was a nurse looking after her wounds 3 days a week, and she never reported the severity of what was going on. My mother one day could smell something funny coming from there, and she went to the ER.. Turns out the sores are horribly deep and wide. The nurse should've been on this, but said nothing. We hired a lawyer to look into this.

  3. Good luck with it all! hope your mom is feeling better

  4. Parhaimmat Terveiset täältä Suomen Kuusamosta.
    Mukavaa että vierailit - Kiitos kommentista.
    Hyvää syksyä...

  5. seems like a lot of happy feet. :)


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