Thursday, July 11, 2013

Snug Harbor

Went to Snug Harbor, in Staten Island, NY, today with Evie.  It was a very hot and humid day for such an outing.  There were the botanical gardens to visit, but we walked so much and found so few gardens... actually only the Chinese Scholar's Garden, which did not impress me in many ways.

At the visitor's desk, we met Liana, who was working in a big empty building with no air-conditioning.  Nevertheless, she was very pleasant, and even consented to being the first of my 100 stranger portrait project.  She was very pretty, and dressed in her own unique style.

I didn't take too many photographs, here are a few from the Chinese Scholar's garden.


Bamboo thicket path


wet rocks

A dog named Patrick we met along the way

a unique piano


  1. Nice portrait and great series of shots. Like the bamboo walk.

  2. Love them all!

    Just sayin ......

  3. Fun set of photos! Love the hat and the dog, and of course that piano!


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