Wednesday, July 17, 2013

RIP My Little Guy - I loved you so 1998-2013


  1. oh Barbara, so sorry for your loss. {{{{Barbara}}}}

  2. so sorry - what a beauty!

  3. watching Spud......and wondering if he'll live...or if he'll go...while we do work on him in all the ways we can.....isn't like losing one suddenly. When I walked outside in 2009 and found Jake's chest hair had fallen out over night...literally..and he had a hot pulpy mass I couldn't cover with my hand....I was stunned. I never expected that. !0 minutes later I threw a handful of chicken on the ground ahead of him and he calmly scooped it up and looked back at me for a second as if to say thanks all the million other times we shared food. He never registered the rifle in my hand for he'd seen it many, many times over the years. He turned his head away chewing on his treat Barbara....and I shot him right behind the left ear. He was dead before he hit the ground. I sat down by him and that is where Sue and Evey found me an hour later....crying like a kid. I'm sorry I missed seeing your loss of Little Guy...for I would have said something...but I don't spend much time here lately. I know how much you love your cats.

    1. Thanks for your words, Dennis, and my sincere sympathies on what you went through with Jake.

  4. I'm soooo sorry for your lost :( I've lost my cat too when I was younger she died of cancer and I never got to say good-bye. Again i'm really sorry and just know that he is always with you! <3

  5. Sorry for his departure...being with you for many beautiful years...I am sure his high spirit will be always treasured and remembered!


  6. Such a beauty and such a hero!

    He is always in your heart and my heart too.

    Take care Barbara!

  7. So sorry! I know pets are family and it hurts just as much when they leave us. Didn't see your post on this and I would say that was the case with others. Also sometimes people feel they don't know how to express their condolences or how to say the right words. I know this for myself. So try not to blame them when they keep quiet on issues that are so close and personal to our hearts. Hugs to you,


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