Sunday, June 23, 2013

summer's here

So, it's summer.  The Solstice has come and gone, and the super moon is peaking tonight.  Lots of energy going around.
Did I ever mention how much I hate the Summer?  Probably more than once.  And here it is coming in full force right on time.  Temps in the high 80's lately, and going into the 90's later this week.  The a.c. will work overtime, and I'll struggle to find the money to pay the electric bill.  Same thing every summer.
Don't know if I'll attempt to shoot the moon tonight.  But if I do you'll see it.

Here's Logan, enjoying a lay-down after being in his kiddie pool.  After the picture was taken, he said "Can I have a newspaper."  He cracks me up.  Photo by Melissa.


  1. Sorry to hear of the high temperatures. In a perfect summer world, the temperature is perfect at 75. I can live with that, but when it is higher with humidity, it is unbearable. Logan looks so cute in this photo. Nice composition and portrait. Love the colors too!

    1. Forgot to credit Melissa for that photo (now I have). I agree, she does have a good eye. A cell phone pic, too.

  2. he looks a little like one of our great singers. :)


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