Saturday, June 15, 2013

rambling on a saturday morning

This coffee I get from Chock Full O Nuts is surely hot, and stays hot a long time.  Good stuff.

It's early saturday morning, and I've been up since before dawn.  Still kind of quiet outside, as the shoppers won't descend until about 10 am, when these streets get very busy.  Lots of stores just a block away, including a huge Century 21, which seems to attract people from near and far.  Never got into the place myself, for the most part.

Me and Evie are going to go to the Guggenheim Museum next month.  I've never been, and I look forward to taking pictures of that fine architecture, inside and out...  As well as some pics of art, I'm sure.  Here's hoping the camera holds up.
We're also imagining/affirming a trip out west to visit parts of New Mexico (Santa Fe, Taos, and where Georgia O'Keefe lived), and Arizona (Flagstaff/Grand Canyon).  We figure it might be years before this comes to fruition (hopefully not too many years!), but we have it set in our sights.

Starting out as a very nice day here, in the 60's so far.  Supposed to go up to 79F, which won't be too bad as long as it doesn't get humid.

Hope everything is alright in your world.


  1. Creative photo of your 'coffee treat' ~ thanks for 'coming by and your 'healing vibes' ~ Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  2. I know that Century 21 and wow - it's big and crowded for sure. Nothing like early morning in the city when the streets are yours


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