Monday, June 3, 2013

quiet monday

Monday, and nothing much is going on.  Just felt like dropping by blogland to see what was going on with my fellow bloggers.  Much to be read and respond to.  I like it.
It's 73.2F/feels like 77F (22.9C/25C)... those "feel like" degrees point to humidity, which I loath.  At least the temps are going down... it was in the 90's for a couple of days.  Too early, summer's not even here, but June never seems to heed that.

Logan had a good day, going in a little pool that Melissa got for him.  Here is a picture she took on the cell camera, of him apres water.  The best of summertime treats.

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  1. Nothing like cold watermelon on a hot day. He is adorable!


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