Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter weekend to all

I haven't blogged at all for April yet, so I wanted to at least welcome her in with a few words.

I miss seeing Logan. Once every couple of weeks is just not good enough. Miss seeing Melissa, too. Got to try to get around to doing some visiting.

Had one of my fainting episodes again the other night, and woke on the floor, my rib/s feeling cracked again, just like last time. Haven't gone for x-rays. No diagnosis on the fainting yet, despite tests (echo, doppler, eeg, etc.). Will see my doctor next week, and probably get re-referred to the neurologist.

So, anyway, I am in pain a lot of the time, and that always sucks. I do a pretty good job at distracting myself from the pain, though.... by writing, or reading, or playing with Little Guy.

The claims dept at the bank where the fiasco happened is telling me that I will be getting reimbursed for the money that was scammed from me. I want to believe this is true, but I need to have a check in my hand before I can. Sure would be nice. We'll see.

So, It is truly Spring out there. Trees budding all over the place. The air is brisk.

Took a couple of pics out the window... this tree on the corner always blossomed so pretty. I think it's a maple, but I'm really not sure. Against the wall there is a cherry(?) blossom tree. The bigger older trees are yet to reveal their buds.
Wishing a Happy Easter and a Happy Passover to all my friends out there.


  1. Ouch on the fainting spell. I had a fall on Thursday morning and still feeling painful in the arms and back. Nice blossoms outside your window. I am sure you will rest easy once the money is in your hands again. Wishing you a Happy Easter!

  2. hope you get this all resolved, and can get back out there to see friends and loved ones. Enjoy this day, and be well

  3. glad your banking troubles are working themselves towards resolution, that is no fun.

    Happy Easter to you too ;-)

  4. your health does sound challenging, i am sending light to you. may you find answers and the ability to honor them that will help you.

    this tree is lovely, i am so glad you have it in your view. Lovely evening and beyond to you.

  5. G'Day, I haven't beenin my blog for quite a while. So am looking up old friends. I am sorry to hear you haven't been 100% lately. I hope the ticker isn't too bad and settles down for you.
    In my part of the world it is cooling down and autumn is turning the (not native) trees their pretty colors. But I do so love spring, it the best time of the year. Yes that is a flowering cherry, I don't think it is the fruiting kind, is it? There is a double flowering cherry tree in my front yard, and another that I replanted from a sucker on the original tree that is surviving, they are lovely when they flower. Stay well.

  6. I love the flowers! Beautiful! Hope your April is going great! :)


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