Wednesday, December 14, 2011

computer woes

Tues Dec 13th, midnight

I am writing this on paper, with a pen.  Little Guy is, of course, sitting on a great portion of the paper making it very hard to write.
For years now, I have only written on the computer, but my computer won't turn on.  I've never had a computer go in such a way, and I'm hoping it's somehow repairable.  I found a guy who does repair and lives just down the block from me, so I brought it to him.  I call tomorrow at noon to find out the diagnosis.  Fingers crossed.

Wed Dec 14 6am

I wake early, and would usually go the the computer for my morning ritual.  Check email, check for FB messages, go to Cups of Tea forum, where I interact with a bunch of fine people about life's goings on.  Then to play a game of FunTriva with some of those same people. Check on blog updates, and go to my regular photography forum.  But not today. :(

Now I stay in bed with no great desire to get up and start the day.  I feel lost without my computer, and wonder if it's me and the writing tablet from here on in.  I can always go to my friend evie's house to actually post this to my blog, which is probably what I'm doing here, unless I've written otherwise, and the computer has been repaired.

These years of not using pen and paper have wreaked havoc on my penmanship.  I used to have a nice handwriting, but it has been reduced to chicken scratch, and a slight tremor in my hands doesn't make it any better.  I much prefer the keyboard and the monitor.

It' wednesday morning, and I'm just rambling here.  I would make some coffee, but the coffee maker died long ago, and the glass stem from the percolator cracked long ago--- so real coffee isn't happening, and I'm all out of instant.  This no coffee business has been going on for a long time now, and is completely out of character for me.  I could say I was addicted to coffee, but now I'm not.  Of course I've replaced one thing with another, now drinking lots of iced tea.  I like hot tea, but that is more of a late night drink for me, associated with bedtime, and it doesn't work well in the day.

On the bottom of my blog page there's a cartoon of one fellow saying "I have nothing to say", and the other guy responds with "You should blog it!"  Which is exactly what I'm doing today, it seems.

I have some 8,000+ photographs on my PC(w/o backup) and a 500+ page novel, with only half on disk, but at least I printed a hard copy.  I don't want to lose any of this stuff though. Isn't it enough that the Nikon needs an unaffordable repair.  Apparently not.  Life's little tests--- like the cat sitting on my lap now3 as I try to write , sitting cross-legged on the bed.  "Pay as much attention to me as you are to that paper" he seems to be telling me.

It's cold in here, and I have to get under the covers.  No telling when the heat will come up; of course it should've started by now.

I'm sure you blogger readers have long since abandoned this post for the sheer boredom of it, but if you have made it through, touche' to you.  That's another 5 minutes of your life that you'll never get back, hehe.

Guess I'll get a couple more Zzz's before actually stating the day.

Sitting at my friend's computer now. transcribing what I wrote on paper.  I called the repair guy and it doesn't sound good.  Power strip or something may be fried, as well as the motherboard.  Not cheap repairs.  He suggested he could build me a new pc, and be able to transfer all my data over to the new one.  He quoted a price of $290 which is definitely a good price,but I'd have to borrow this money, and I dont' think that is really possible at this time..  I have to get back to him with my decision in the next day or so.  I'm going to ask my mom for the money, but I don't think that is going to happen.
Well, just made the phone call to my mom, asking if she could spring for this, but she can't.  Seems I'm shit outta luck.  Boo-hoo.


  1. Commiserations! Know just how you email up and died a few days ago and I'm still trying to have it resurrected. Grossly inconvenient, especially at this time of year. What if I miss out on that party to end all parties just because I dropped off the radar? oh woe and gnashings! Methinks I may be held hostage by technology....Merry Christmas. Marisa

  2. Babs,
    this so totally sucks. But it is familiar, every bit of electronic stuff I get goes south in this apt. of mine. Anyway I cant even afford to have a hook up on line anymore. My landlord told me he may be going belly up next month, (bankrupt) and now I dont even know where I am going to live when they shut off the power to my apt. life so weird.

  3. Wow i love those images that are on the top of your blog! Richard


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