Friday, July 1, 2011

july has come

It's the first of July, and half this year has gone already. Time rushes on.

Today I have been writing on my novel. Surprisingly enough, six new characters have just entered, all of them sisters, I had not planned on this, and am intrigued as to why they have shown up. The only way I find out is to keep on writing, but I'm taking a break right now.

My characters are drinking raspberry leaf tea, and I wish I had some myself, but Lipton will have to do.

It's a blue sky day, with lots of puffy white clouds. Temps in the 80's but it's nice and dry, which is a pleasure.

Hope all of you have a fun and safe weekend.


  1. Have a great weekend yourself ~ be happy and safe ~ hugs, Carol

  2. The sky was beautiful today and the weather was perfect. Since I started my vacation today I am in the relax mode and might just have some more chocolate cake...oh, wait a minute, on a diet....thank for the comment...have a great weekend...and a Happy 4th....

  3. Love the cloud photos... very pretty :D

  4. Box of goodies in the mail yesterday - should arrive on Tuesday. Hope it is helpful

  5. That's the kind of sky I like to watch.


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