Saturday, January 23, 2010

steampunk hearts

Me and my friend evie made these Steampunk hearts tonight.


  1.'d you do those? very cool

  2. I'm not sure I know what steampunk is, (I'm old like that!) but I do love these!

  3. These are great. I made one a while back for a doll necklace in my doll RR. The first one was a heart and it ended up too big, so saving it for another project. Then I made another one that is just round silver pc with a touch of steampunk to it and a red bead in the center. The doll wears it on a black cord around her neck. It was perfect!

  4. That is awesome! I LOVE creative people!!!

    Tery (Dreamwriter~New Blog!)

  5. ooooooh! what else is there to say: these are great!!

  6. That looks like fun, I like the idea.
    I like the blog too, lots of different things to look at. Inspiration.

  7. Wow! they are charms and very beautiful!
    I love the different heart shapes here, all with their individual character!!!
    You are so creative and productive...
    Good to enjoyed such creative moment with friend!
    Take care and bye!


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