Wednesday, November 9, 2016

seen better days

The day before yesterday, I was discharged from Lutheran Medical Center, after a 5 day stay.  Didn't go to Maimonides as I usually do, but the EMS guy who drove the ambulance said it was crazy busy there.
Went in mainly because of my breathing, and generally was having a lot of pain.
Didn't really recover there... I am wheezing badly still when I walk a bit.  Got several different inhalers prescribed, and just hope they start helping.
A palliative care team saw me, and after much conversation we all agreed on treatment with Methadone started at a very light dose of 10mg twice a day.   It was soon changed to 10mg 3X a day, but they don't send you home with it, and I need to see a palliative care team at the cancer center in order to get it.  Hoping I can get there next week.  Oxycodone 20mg every 4 hours continues with everything.
My legs are very tingly weak tight and numbish.  I fell in the early morning hours of the day I was discharged after getting out of bed to  use the bathroom.  Just couldn't support myself.  Hit my head against my room mate's bed, and had to get a CAT scan (negative).
So, upon discharge I still didn't have great breathing capacity....had not ambulated at all during my stay, except to use the bathroom; had a fall. and could barely walk.
Signed DNR (do not resuscitate) papers when I was in there.  After much discussion of possible outcomes, it seemed the thing to do.
Came home to my modem on the fritz and no internet access (have since come to evie's to stay for at least the night).
And Trump is president-elect, the ultimate horror.
And so it goes...


  1. Barb, only you know if now is the time to get your affairs in order. I applaud your courage and the face you put forward in your very personal fight.

    We never really know the strength we have until we are looking back at how strong we have been. Hope is as much a balm as any pain reliever and I pray you have hope.

  2. I glad you're at your sister's home where you are hopefully able to rest.

    I am sending you virtual {{{hugs}}}

  3. I'm glad you are at Evie's - can someone come and stay with you in your apartment? I too am sending hugs, and hope for no pain to you Barb

  4. you are so brave. i wish things would lighten up for you. i hope the team at the cancer center offers kind and responsive care and help. do they assign you a case manager to help solve these damn challenges?

    i send love and blessings straight to you.



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