Saturday, January 23, 2016

Winter From My Window

This is the first true snow of the season, and it's virtually a blizzard.  We had gained over a foot since noon, much earlier than expected, and there's still another 8 hours or so to go after that. 

A state of emergency has been issued for New York City.   Buses and outside trains suspended.  Road travel disallowed except for emergency vehicles.  The governor suggested stores and Broadway shows be closed down so workers could get home before public transit suspensions went fully into effect.  

None of this affecting me, really.  I am home and comfortable, and have no need to venture.

Here are some pics I took from my bedroom window.



  1. I love a good snow storm . . as long as we don't lose power. This one didn't come far enough north and my snowshoes continue to sit lonely in the garage.

    That photo of the fire escape, particularly how the snow clings to the brick patterns, is amazing!

    Good luck with the dig out.

  2. how are you doing, barbara?

    it's great to see your photography. i agree that the patterns of the fire escape and snow are amazing. i hope you're out and about soon and i certainly hope your pain is less.



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