Thursday, December 24, 2015

first Christmas without mom

Honestly, during the last few years of my mom's life, there were times I didn't even see her on Christmas.  Mostly we were together, thankfully.  Usually on Christmas Eve.  That's when we celebrated.  Christmas Day was always more laid back.  Eat leftovers, and play with your toys, or veg out in front of the tv.
This is my first Christmas Eve without my mom.  How strange not to see her in her apartment, her little tree decorated and placed on the tv.  Her Christmas cards tucked between the wood and glass on the china cabinet.  A wreath on the outside of the door.  Other little items tucked here and there.
She would do most of the decorating herself, moving around in the wheelchair.
She would think this weather is strange.  "It's a little spooky." I can almost hear her saying.  Today it was 70 degrees.
Me and her, we always had a thing about the snow.  More than often the first snow would come when we were together.  My mom would say, in a singing voice, "It's snooowing!"  If we weren't together, we'd call each other, and say the same.
She is sure in my heart this Christmas Eve.  As is my dad.
I had such cherished moments with them.


  1. its sad when your parents are gone ... I too lost my mother 9 years ago. I have thought a lot about her every Christmas, how much love and care she took in decorating too, her tree always perfect. May you find some comfort in those memories. :)

  2. its nice to meet you Barbara, I'm Jo and while I don't blog necessarily with any regularity I do enjoy meeting new bloggers and getting to know them. Happy Holidays.

    1. It's nice to meet you as well, Bella. Please come again. Merry Christmas.

  3. It's really tough that first year, just try to remember the fun times. Wishing you a Happy New Year Barbara


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