Thursday, February 5, 2015

my mom declines

It seems that my mother may be dying... soon, I mean.  She has been battling these deep bedsore infections since before I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She has been in and out of the hospital for nearly 2 years now, and each admission shows her declining, and unable to tolerate this life anymore. She is 87 now.  She is in another world, Theresa says, and barely eats and can hardly sip through a straw.  I am unable to go see her because of the condition I'm in, and I can never reach her on the phone.  They are going to evaluate her for hospice care.                  My mother had so much life left in her, and again illness had to rob h er of that.


  1. barbara, i am so sorry to hear this. is there no way for you to visit her, or to ask for some help on her end so you can talk to her or with her over the phone?

    the hospice folks are angels. i suggest you call the hospice agency and ask for their help. they will help you and your Mother.

    I so hope you can do what feels right and best for you.


  2. I'm with KJ Barbara - Hospice is wonderful and can help. Sorry to hear about your mom


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