Friday, February 28, 2014

short update

A little update on me.

I finished my 8 courses of chemotherapy this past monday, the 24th.  These are my down days following the infusion.  But when these aches/pains/fatigue pass this time, there is no having to go back and do it again.  I'll start feeling more myself, hopefully.
I've been holed up inside for the most part over the months. Feeling weak to walk. Cold weather.  Snow.  More snow expected in a couple of days, and it will be March.  Coming in like a lion, it seems.
In less than 3 weeks I start radiation.  5 days a week for 7 weeks.  The process itself is short, maybe 10-15 minutes, but oye, everyday.
I am worried about my extensive lymph node involvement ... 17 positive out of 22 removed is not such good odds, and is what bumped me to Stage 3 cancer.  I just hope the chemo/radiation kills the damn shit off.
By my 60th birthday, in May, I want to celebrate being cancer-free.  Get the Jack Daniels, and roll another one.

Haven't been out (or in) with the camera, so nothing of mine to show.  But here's a pic that Mel took of Logan on "picture day" for this pre-K class.


  1. So proud of you, Myth, making it through the chemo! The hardest part seems to be over for you now. Here's to a complete and permanent remission once you're through with the radiation.

  2. oh what a journey you are on. Keep positive, and keep moving forward as you are doing.

    logan is just so adorable!!!!

  3. Hi sweetie, I have not checked on you for a while, but you have been in my thoughts and will continue to be. Sending giant hugs and lots of love. xoxo

  4. Terveyttä ja Onnea elämällesi...
    Jokaisesta hetkestä olemme onnellisia ja tyytyväisiä.
    Terveisin Eko
    Kiitos vierailusta ja kommentista...

  5. Barbara, Keep moving and God will sustain you through this difficult time. Will uphold you in my prayer that God will continue to extend His grace to make you strong so that you are able to endure through. I pray in Jesus' wonderful name, Amen.


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