Wednesday, August 3, 2011

update on Little Guy

Little Guy is getting antsy being in the bedroom all the time. The drain was taken out (very quick and easy procedure), but now I have to keep flushing the open areas, and he's not liking that too much at all. Already the skin seems to be closing up, and I don't know how long flushing is viable. I'll have to call the vet on that one.

Morrison sits at the bedroom door, waiting for Little Guy to come out. I am thinking of taking him to a rescue organization where he would be put up for adoption...but it would have to be a solitary cat household... And really, who wants an adult half-feral cat, who has half a tail missing. I think he would eventually be put down in that case. This breaks my heart, and I don't know if I'm capable of doing it. He's been here two years, and this is the first really bad incident, though there have been fights. He has gotten more aggressive toward Little Guy over the past several months. My first priority is Little Guy, who is 13 years old, and has been with me for 11 years. I have to think of his safety.

The weather is much more tolerable today, at about 82°. Wouldn't it be nice if August turned out to be mild. I'd be thrilled.

I can't wait for those brisk days of Autumn. What will be by then?


  1. might I suggest squirting Morrison with a water bottle everytime he goes near Little guy? You need to do it a few times and they get the idea. Cats are smart animals and they really don't like getting wet.

  2. so glad things are healing up

    I agree, it would be nice if August were mild.... days are quite warm to hot though.

  3. Tough decision Honey.......makes me wonder how Spud and Beelzebubba would have developed. !st cat should have prior 'rights'....and....they are but 'little lions'....very 'ingrained' and 'primitive'.

  4. I´m glad he is healing. :)

  5. Little Guy is your priority as you say ~ Tough decision ~ but then if Morrison is just plain mean not enjoyable for you or Little Guy ~ Trust your Higher self to know what to do that is best for all concerned ~ Healing energy coming your way ~ hugs and namaste, Carol ~ ArtMuse Dog too!


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