Monday, May 3, 2010

a peek inside

These are by no means elegant pictures, but they were part of an assignment for my photography group. It is sort of a meme in pictures. We were to show 3 meals, 2 home photos, 1 photo en route to somewhere, one loved one(s), one photo capturing a feeling, and one self-portrait.

Here are my results... As usual, click on the pics for a larger view.

coffee and a bagel at my moms
dinner and dessert at a friend's house

the view from my living room window (home shot)

a memory box (home shot)

(en route shot) to the photo group

Logan, my great-nephew (loved one)

blooming love? (captures a feeling)

self portrait at computer


  1. I love Logan, he is a sweetie with beautiful eyes.
    Happy Birthday, a little early, and good luck too!

  2. I can not believe Logan just keeps getting cuter! Love your memory box. And I see you had lovely fruit "garnish" for your pastries!


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