Friday, September 11, 2009


911 memorial

the river rats are in my harbor
watching the waters now
flat grey no shimmer
secret light no flare

I feel it on my back
I smell it moving in the sewers
What is there
and what is not there,
odors of a parallel stink
burdens that bend me

tears tumble over the month of days
the hard smudge on the calendar
"has there been a day you haven't cried?" I ask my sister

the river rats are in my harbor

(written one month post 9-11. The photograph, taken from the Jersey side, was from the nephew of a woman I worked with; unfortunately I don't know his name)


  1. As much as the day means to all of us, I know it must mean more to those of you in New York City, and I am very sorry for your pain.

    When my wife, Peggy, and I left Mississippi in 1986, we almost moved to Staten Island (our plans were even made), but she preferred Eugene, Oregon, so after much discussion, we came here, and here we still are. I often wonder about that road not taken.

  2. Thank you Snowbrush. It was devastating. I live 6 miles (as the crow flies) from the towers, and the next day the wind changed to my direction. I could smell the burning so distinctly that I thought my apartment house was on fire.
    I think the road you took sounds like a fine one!

  3. Hey Brooklyn...

    Good post, good one

  4. I remember too :-((( I am so sorry.


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