Tuesday, September 29, 2009

offerings & tai chi

prayers at the Medicine Wheel, with a tai chi player in the background
burning sage and cornmeal offering bundle

my morning tai chi
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  1. Interest subjects, Myth Maker! Really like the burning of the sage pic.

  2. Tai chi is something I must begin....I have become lax in active meditation and I need a re-issuance in my life for health sake....

    Thanks for the wish support Barbie.......

  3. Oh Tai chi ~ wonderful ~ you must love it ~ enjoy ~ hugs & namaste,

  4. may the demons leave and the prayers be of vitality and health.

  5. taijiquan i have not practiced for nearly 30 years... must get back at it

  6. Truthfully, laughingwolf, I have not practiced it in nearly 20 years myself! That is a very old picture. I don't think I could remember how to do the whole form; such a pity.

  7. Glad you're doing Tai Chi, I've been wanting to do it as well ...

    And thank you for the lovely comments of my drawing. As I'm never an artist and basically self-taught myself to do the type of drawing that I posted, hence any comments are great! Thanks again.

  8. Wow! This is a great place for exercise.
    Healthy Tai Chi days!
    Take care dear Barbara.


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