Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Book Review: Learning To See Creatively; Design, Color, and Composition in Photography

This is the 3rd edition of Bryan Peterson's book, Learning to See Creatively.  Filled with all new images, and focusing on the new world of digital photography.
The book is designed to help you view the images in front of you in a new manner.  It deals with the elements of design: line, shape, form, texture, pattern, and color.  Concentrating on these elements will force the eye in new directions, thus making for new and exciting images.
In the Composition section, it teaches about the important "rule of thirds", teaching you how to compose a striking picture.  More importantly, maybe, is the idea of breaking all these rules and being a maverick when composing your own shot.
There's a section on "the magic of light", suggesting the same picture be taken at different times of day, producing different results.
Also, at the end, there is a small section which deals with Photoshop, and some how-tos associated with that.
I can't say that everything in this book is new and exciting to me.  As a photographer for the past 40 years, I have explored many of these things along the way.  It is a nice book to share with your photo group, if you have one, giving suggestions that would be appropriate for a photowalk where you concentrate on a particular subject, like textures, or color.
The photoshop tips at the end seem a bit cheesy to me, and the subsequent photos are a bit overdone.
It is a good book to refresh old ideas you may have had.  If you are a novice, it steers you in the right direction for creative photography.
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    1. seems like a good book. But I would ad "Unexpected wievs" to the title. :)


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