Thursday, October 2, 2014

reading some sky

I have not yet gotten into the habit of shooting tons of pictures at once.  I'm not one to take twenty shots of the same subject, as I don't see much use in it.  When I am shooting, I tend to shoot between 25 and 40 shots at a time, roughly the same number of shots available in rolls of film (24 & 36).  Back then I would bracket my shots, upping or downing the exposure, and not knowing what settings worked until getting them developed. Three or four shoots would suffice.  Nowadays, I choose a setting, chimp the shot (i.e. look at it), and adjust accordingly for the next shot... again, three or four shots suffice.
Of course, other factors go into the shot.... one can change the angle or perspective.  This will add on to shots taken...  I'm talking about basically a straight on shot... like of the sunset.  I take a few, and have done with it, unless I'm shooting with a zoom and get several perspectives.
Often, the "wrong" exposure will result in a more dramatic shot.  Fun when that happens.  Creating something that isn't quite there.

Here are a few of my most recent sunsets, showing the difference in a shot at various settings.  All shot with a 50mm prime.  (Click on any pic to see the series larger)


  1. beautiful shots! i admit i too often snap away, even while knowing you make perfect sense.


  2. they are all gorgeous!


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