Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Neil Young Reverie

Listening to Harvest Moon, by Neil Young. Been a while.  Reminds me of early morning road trips with Doc, in the van, going to deliver auto parts to dealers down in Philly.  We'd eat at Nifty Fifties, and play Neil on the cassette player.  I'd take pictures of him while driving.  Profiles of a road man, at least back then.  He'd have lots of other good tapes to play, but I remember Neil the best, of course.
I'm listening to music to take me away from the real world for a little while.  Too many big looming things, and not enough time to ready myself.  So, later for that, at least for today.
Listen to music.  Old time reverie.
"Do you want to get lost?" he'd ask.  "Sure" I'd say.  So he'd take the wrong road and we'd find new vistas along the way, and new camera shots to be had.  Shot with Tri-X film back then, and a yellow filter on my lens.  Loved my black and white.

I'll find some other music and see where it takes me.

I chose more Neil (duh), this time with Crazy Horse, from the Live Rust album.  This reminds me of several things... Me and Steve, 'cause we were heavily into him together, which was nice.  Reminds me also of my cousin Ed, who came to a Neil Young concert with me.  And the music is so him, as it is so me.  Reminds me of myself, my true inner being.  Ballads to hard guitar licks.

Oh, to live on Sugar Mountain.  When the concert hall was quiet I screamed out "Sugar Mountain!"  And the next song he played was that.  I was just like it was for me, you know?  Amazing.

Listening to "Comes A Time" on the Live Rust album, and that reminds me of Jim, which is funny, because I heard "You've Got Mail" and sure enough it was an email from him.  Nice synchronicity.

After the Gold Rush... reminds me of high school and yearbooks that quoted the song.
"Look at mother nature on the run in the  1970's"
"Thinkin' of what a friend had said, I was hopin it was a lie." reminding me of my friend Joanne who had broken out friendship with a conversation to me mom.  I wasn't worldly enough" she had said.

My my, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue)... a "me" piece of music.
It's better to burn out than it is to Rust.

I gues this was a Neil Young music piece today.

On a whole, his music reminds me of my sister and Melissa, which is very cool.  Think of Tree when I hear "Cinnamon Girl", and Melissa when I hear "Old Man."

So many fine tunes that you can take so many different places.


  1. loved Neil. It's been years

  2. I am a huge fan of Neil Young. Harvest Moon is my favorite song by him.


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