Saturday, March 12, 2011

rooftop sunset

I love the way the wall on this rooftop building turns golden in the sunset.


  1. Lovely! I'd love to be able to watch the world at sunset way up high on the rooftops. Never had the chance except from The Turm Cafe in Stuttgart, Germany. Not quite the same thing, but still .... I was WAY up there!

  2. beautiful, barbara. sunrise and sunset add depth to the colors of the world in a way that always amazes me.

    enjoy your special views.


  3. Hi Barbara,

    How are you too? Hope you are fine. Indeed the golden sunset brings surprises to all.
    Making a standout and also so complimenting its surrouding!

    Thanks for your kind message, I am fine but very busy, thus slow down a lot on blogging and also visiting friends' blog.

    Take care OK!

  4. I love your rooftop photos and this one particularly so - there's so much to hold my attention and my imagination is telling me some of the architecture and fittings on the buildings give them faces*!*

  5. Lovely photo ~ so much in the city that is beautiful especially when viewed from the roof tops ~ enjoy the day ~ ^_^


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