Wednesday, February 9, 2011

wordless wednesday


  1. Aaaah! There they are. Been a while since I got to see much of the little ones Barbara. You must needs do more of this.

    Buddy said: "I gonna come visit iffin you gots meore of dem fuzzys for usens to looks at."

    Morrison looks somewhat like 'Tegar', the subjedt of tomorrow's blog.

    Come when you can Hon. The door is always open. If I'm not there, leave a not (and some catnip). We'll be in touch, trust me. :^)

  2. Nice to see you lovely kitties again!

  3. Haha! They are so cute!

  4. Hello, Barbara.

    Her fur coat seems to be very warm. . .
    The Japanese sky is snow covering, too.

    Thank you for your visit.

  5. I came across your page on Blogger as one of those random "next page" items. I am very impressed by the layout of your blog page. Especially the photos. Any special way you went about this? Also, cute kitties. We have two black cats at home. Thanks for your time.

  6. es muy facinante saber de como los animales son muy importantes para varias personas alla aca en el ecuador no es tan apreciados los animales.En la que permitira conocer mas otras costumbres.

  7. I can tell these sweet kitties definitely rule your house as all self respecting cats do! Thanks for a fun WW!

  8. Beautiful creatures those kitties of yours! Brightest blessings Barb!

  9. who sleeps better than a cat?

    they are beautiful. and, i'm sure, quiet loved.


  10. My wife and I call the position Morrison is in, "The Meatloaf Position". One day 5 of the 6 little bastids we have kicking around were all lined up perfectly on the big bed like evil feline troops awaiting to be deployed on missions bound to irritate. I did not have a camera, but the image sticks with me.

    Thanks for swingin by


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