Friday, September 3, 2010

september at last

So, it's September at last. The worst of summer will be on its way out soon, and boy, am I glad about that. It's the season I like the least.

I have finally backed up my novel onto a cd.... well 101, 000 words of it. Now I don't have to panic if the computer goes down someday. Glad I finally got around to doing that.

There's nothing much going on in my little world lately. Just wanted to get my first September post in here.


  1. Summer's one of my least faves, too... though I like it better in the NW than everywhere else.

    Fall, now, that's my absolute favorite!

  2. Hello, Barbara.

    Brooklyn, New York. . .
    There is the grand world.

    You can accept that wind.
    And rustle, colors of sky, too...
    It is the wonderful life.

    From Japan.


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