Sunday, November 1, 2009

NaNoWriMo begins

Nanowrimo has started (as of midnight), and I've decided to do 5 or 6 15 minute stints of writing at a time, unless I'm on a total roll. This would get me to my desired daily goal of approximately 1700 words. I started at midnight, doing my first 15 minutes, and wrote 347 words, which put me right on target. That's pretty much writing non stop, no redesigning a sentence or even having enough time to think of another one that's not as corny as the last. But I will not critique, I will not critique.

It's not easy going; I am pulling things out of my head from I don't know where. But it happens if you plow through, and basically throw caution to the wind, so to speak. This is writing by the seat of my pants kinda stuff.

I have the whole day (Sunday) to finish of my next 5 writing sessions, depending on how long I go on each of them. They have to be at least 15 minutes, that's my minimum. Not as easy as it sounds. There's also an extra hour to the day, so I can utilize that, as well.

Afternoon update:  I've written 1927 words, so I got my quota done for today. Yay! :)


  1. barbara, i did this a couple of years ago. it was a great achievement. don't worry about anything but writing. don't stop to edit. you can do that in your second draft.

    the first draft lays the track. who said this?
    the first draft you write for yourself. the next draft you write for others.

    best of luck. congratulations for taking this on!!


  2. Thanks, kj... I'm pretty jazzed about it, and nervous at the same time, but it should be quite an adventure.

  3. Sounds like a good plan. Not too much at one time, though I know there will be days when 15 minutes feels like a millennium. But then there will be others that it will fly by. Here's wishing for lots of the second and not so much of the first!

  4. You will do great! Remember to have fun and you are right... keep telling yourself "I will not critque" :)

  5. Fantastic and well done. I feel so honour to have you as writing buddy. Keep going! We could do it! :)


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